Artist: CeDigest

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CeDigest is the brainchild of Joss Iles aka Avi, which began creating pandemonium in 2004.  CeDigest now emerges from its supporting role in concert with bands such as Tin Omen, Flesh Eating Foundation and Prototype, to take centerstage where the project rightly belongs - at the front and in your face. Look for CeDigest to seize a worldwide audience as it begins its gut-stomping press forward where we have complete confidence that it will capture the industrial heavyweight title! Joss and his crew have put together two previous self-released albums that met with great acclaim, "When Evil Returns" in 2006 and "Evisceration" in 2007. With their distinct brand of electronica that they call "brutalectro", the band is now hard at work on a debut full-length album under the BLC flag, titled "WALKING IN THE FLESH" with anticipated release in early 2009 … Call the dead from their graves. The time for sleep is over; the day of rage is at hand -- CeDigest is on board. Prepare for your punishment…

Band members:

[Avi] - Vocals, synths, lyrics, production, guitars.
[Valtiel] - Live synths.
[Benedict] - Live guitars.
[Nexx] - Live bass.
[Seth] - Live guitars.