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The Pain Machinery is:

Anders Karlsson 

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Band History:
After experimenting with electronic music since the 80's Anders Karlsson released his first cassette as The Pain Machinery in 1992. The original idea was to mix the raw energy of Punk and the sound exploring possibilities of Electronic and Industrial music, inspired by such diverse artists as SPK, Cabaret Voltaire, Sex Pistols, DAF, Public Enemy and Skinny Puppy among others. TPM utilizes obsolete analogue electronics, a wide array of filthy distortion boxes as well as cutting-edge technology to produce the missing link between rhythmic noise, punk and EBM.

Through the critically acclaimed self released CDR's "Terminate Transmission", "Chaos in Expansion" as well as compilation appearances (including the legendary Krach Test compilation From Ad Noiseam) and well received, ultra-intense live gigs, The Pain Machinery has become a force to be reckoned with in the Industrial underground.

With the new album "The venom is going global" (out this fall on BLC Productions) TPM takes another step forward on their path toward total world domination. The album showcases TPM's unique ability to create audio sculptures where surgically precise electronics, disturbing vocals, mangled guitars and complex programming are equally important facets of the overall sound. The Pain Machinery is chaotic yet catchy, harsh yet danceable - whether in a pair of headphones or on the dancefloor, they command your attention like few other acts in the current industrial scene. ....

TPM will also be contributing to legendary industrial rockers Chemlab's new album, due for release this fall.


Chaos Transmissions Chaos Transmissions
Released 05/15/2007
Hostile Hostile
Released 10/31/2005
The Venom is Going Global The Venom is Going Global
Released 12/01/2003