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Mike Orgillon


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Biography - S.E.M;I & Mikael Orgillon.

In the Beginning………
There was "Dead Line Zero" the original name before S.E.M;I, some years back dating to about 10+ years with minimal recording equipment and knowledge of how to program a sequencer came very early (lost demo tracks) backups. Now MIA were recordings of a project that was never serious in the first place. Due to lack of time and even interest in some cases, more years would pass until the first recordings came in 1998, which led to various demo tracks and testing of sounds that would now become SEMI - The project had no no real desire to release actual material due to (crappy sounds and annoying bleeps and noises) The project was originally just a form of ideas of a one-man 'band' so to speak. The period of development and evolution of the SEMI project was a phase from which would emerge the full-blown entity known as today's S.E.M;I. - where advanced electronica has become a new life-form with intermixed vocals, sometimes sinister and sometimes thought-provoking electronic landscapes and a certain hypnotic quality that entrances the listener.

Original member:
Peter Teipe was a live supporter in its very early stages of growing
as a project, and he made it more and more interesting with the experimentation of sampling and programming random beats and noises. This gave more fuel to the project and inspired the creation of something that would capture the interests of locals in the area of Los Angeles and various clubs. With live performances from 1999 to 2002,
SEMI has now reached an audience of countless fans of the industrial / electronica genre, spanning over five now which doesn't seem long at all but the feeling and energy put into the music has made five seems like a brief eternity.

Seizmik Years:
Semi has released five albums since its incarnation back in 1998/99 and has released
one full-length side project called SEIZMIK the CD was released under the 'self'
Meaning of pressing limited quantities of the titled CD "Sounds Destroying Structure"
The side project itself was originally formed in 2000, and has been a project that
just might see the light of day again soon with a re-release and or new album. Stay tuned for that ….

Past & Current:
Since the semi early days there has been an new added member since the departure
Of Peter Teipe (live supporter) - as a stroke of good fortune came the added
supporter and good friend Jason Bagley of the experimental band "They Startwists"
Originally a good club friend from LA area, Jason made the project even more committed to continue and grow with the support of his friendship and dedication to the scene and to the music that was being created.

Mike Orgillon currently is in non-stop motion, recording new material for future
Projects and the future for SEMI as well. Orgillon has recorded with such artists as
Jugend Staat in a collaboration of the Wumpscut remix of "Totmacher" ©1999
Which was released on the Metropolis Records label, Orgillon has also worked with
Michael Krauss of the German electro act F/A/V, on a one time track titled "Humain Logik" ©2000 on the Coma - Dose Creations label.

Mike Orgillon / S.E.M;I is a former member of the electronic band A-Politiq with Bill Hayden. Orgillon is also recalled as being a previous member of the guitar dark electronic band Death Industry with Jeff Tatman. In the very earliest years, these were the peers and colleagues of Mikael Orgillon before the birth of any solo project Mike would take on alone.

In most recent times Orgillon has toured with Daniel Myer with Haujobb as a live
Keyboardist for the North American tour with Hocico in support of their 2002 releases.
M.Orgillon is now more focused on S.E.M;I more than ever and continues to be of some
support for other friends bands and their music. Stick around for more future releases in the makings……….


Among the Ruins Among the Ruins
Released 08/01/2003