BLC PRODUCTIONS was formed in 2002 with the express aim of crushing the conventions that compromise and sometimes totally suffocate both freedom and creativity. BLC founders, on a personal level, had witnessed and experienced too much of the status quo: artists who gave their souls, time and labor only to get "signed" to one label or another that profiteered at their expense, leaving them with little tangible return for all the work and sacrifice; too many releases that were overpriced, overrated and probably should never have been put on the market for unwitting consumers - just like us - to buy; and labels that promised great music but gave us great disappointment instead. It was against this backdrop that the concept of BLC was forged.

Thus, with our sense of outrage and disillusionment as motive forces, BLC initiated a furious assault and battery on those creeping insidious "mainstream" conventions that had taken root and hold (in our opinion) even in the electro-industrial scene. The "scene" was itself becoming routine. It was time for the underground to move above ground, time for the forces of darkness to take up arms and march forward with paramilitary purpose - musically-speaking. Given a choice between apathy and aggression, we chose power. For two years and counting, we have remained unflinchingly true to the fundamental rejection of a fixed social order, true to our belief that a label must offer great music at a price reasonable enough that every man and woman can have access to it - the purest nonpolitical socialization of music itself, true to our commitment to give artists the recognition and support they so often richly deserve and so rarely receive. It was our intention at the beginning to put the world as it existed, and still regrettably exists, into a counterspin from which it would never recover. We were compelled to send a blunt and brutal message through elektro-industrial music: We do not conform to your ideas. We dispute the premises of old-school beliefs that foster isolation and alienation, dehumanization, stratification, rituals that mummify the spirit. We reject even the politics that sometimes inhabit the elektro world. Ours is the banner of a new day and a new way.

We will remain, we will evolve, we will unify and uplift - but we will never compromise. Our mission is simply to stand and deliver, every time, without exception, for this is the new way and it bears a new vision of high velocities and high values. This mission represents both our darkness and our battlefront. Welcome to our world.

BLC in his propeller hat
BLC in his Propeller Hat
"We're on a Mission!"