Krushed Opiates - Driving the Two-Dimensional Highway
Release Date: 10/01/2002
  Krushed Opiates
Driving the Two-Dimensional Highway (CD)

  1. American Blonde
  2. Boom
  3. Casey
  4. Master Beat [Mojo Rising Remix] Boom's Half Brother
  5. Beggin [Full Remix]
  6. Flintstones Chewable Morphine
  7. Destiny [I Did Nothing Mix]
  8. Shutdown [Cessation Mix]
  9. Like it's Nothing
  10. Monster
  11. Ripped
  12. Go!

DSBP and BLC PRODUCTIONS ( team up on this debut cd from the K.O. boys! they combine heavy industrial,coldwave electronics,with cut up samples, acid synths, dance rhythms for the clubs,and an overall sense of fun in the air..there is a lot going on in each track,details are a key element here.

15 tracks fill up this 71 minute album,with a groovy continuous mix penetrating you and not letting you go! You will be dizzy when its over.

All new tracks/versions of some tracks you may have heard before through DSBP comp's or album is a fine collection,especially for fans of SWAMP TERRORISTS,BIOPSY,KMFDM,and CHEM-LAB...most of the tracks here have that coldwave style,but with more technoid grooves,and without the heavy growling vocals,this is a intresting,and original style.

The band consists of members A.Warr,Kevin B.,and the infamous d.Smith... who became a steady story in the nations news a couple years ago for his creation of the "Melissa Virus" which crippled many unsuspecting computers a couple years back...d.smith is currently in jail for writing the Mellisa virus, we hope he gets released soon!! personally..i think its wrong to convict a computer virus creator,when there are terrorists killing people,at large still,and many more violent criminals,and sick people who really DO HURT people...right?

for people who miss the old school sounds of heavy electronics/guitar samplings crunching your bones,and lots of voice samples,and groovy dance rhythms to pulsate the club floors..well,check this out...this is a band doing something that not many have attempted,or not done with this kind of drive!kick ass tracks all around! the DSBP would not have it any other way!

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If unconventional mind-fucking industrial music with balls, beats, grooves and a sense of humour is your cup of tea, Krushed Opiates are the new masters in the genre!! To hell KMFDM & co with their current walls of noise and heavily distorted vox, DSBP found a very talented gang who bring back the right balance between heavy industrial and coldwave melodic tunes. "Driving The Two-Dimensional" is a crazy cocktail of abused and looped (female especially) vocal samples, groovy beats, hip hop rhythmics and technoid synths. A very promising combo that will be welcome with open arms by the crowdy fans of Chemlab, good old KMFDM or yet SWAMP TERRORISTS on a gentler day. Worthy of examination. Get your brain Krushed!! (TSF:8) TSF.


If I were heavily into pop culture I'd probably liken this to Fat Boy Slim's nasty bastard brother but I'm not so I won't (much). Actually it would be easy (if a little lazy) to describe the album as such, especially as tracks such as the wonderfully titled "Flintstone's Chewable Morphine" or the spooky "Monster" see this American band taking the bigbeat sound, including some of the funkiest rhythms you could ever imagine before distorting it & mixing it up with numerous samples, breaks & scorching guitar samples. It goes without saying, of course that this band show more
inventiveness in their little fingers than most other practitioners of such styles could ever dream of, often with darker overtones, such as "Boom" where the feverish voice samples offer a tanalising glimpse of (drug induced?) paranoia over an insistent techno/rock backing where the voices come at you like a nightmarish kaleidoscope or the testosterone-charged "American Blonde" with it's orgasmic female groans that sounds like they've been watching too much "Baywatch"!! "Casey" is quite amusing as the mobile phone that accompanies the funky piano intro is bound to have you reaching for yours if heard over headphones, it certainly did me & I don't even own one!! This pacey piece benefits from the rave & new-wave guitar samples that are mixed to perfection taking parts of both styles & ending up somewhere between the two.
The voice samples from Praga Khan's "Injected With A Poison" crop up in several places & you can also have fun trying to work out where the samples came from & if any of them were nicked from Kraftwerk (something most bands usually do!). I didn't detect any although I think I heard Jennifer Anniston on "LIke It's Nothing", couldn't swear to it, though!
Best tracks by a long way are the infectiously dancey trio of "Boom's Big Brother", "Master Beat (Mojo Rising Remix) & "Beggin (Full Remix)" which has it's sleazy side very much to the fore but, like the album as a whole is so
infectious you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!!