Various Artists - Interbreeding I: Industrial Cyberlords
Release Date: 01/01/2003
  Various Artists
Interbreeding I: Industrial Cyberlords (CD)


1. S.E.M;I -- Earth Rotation
(BLC Productions)
2. Xiphoid Process -- Zorn
(USA, independent)
3. The Pain Machinery -- Everything Will Be Fine
(Sweden, independent)
4. Diverje -- Broken (Auspex remix)
(DSBP Records,

5. Infekktion-Engel in Schwarz (Interbreeding Mix)
6. Void Construct -- Rebirth
7. Plastic Noise Experience -- Maschinen
(Alfa Matrix,
8. Audio War -- One Drug
(UK, independent)

9. The Sepia -- Polaris D
(UK, just signed)
10. Seize -- Lost in Space
11. Cable Bends Steel -- Blender
(Croatia, independent)
12. Cyph4zero -- Lifecracker (Dying2See Remix)
(USA, independent)
13. Carbon 12 - Parasite
(Sinewave Records,
14. FANOE -- Every Inch
(Switzerland, independent)
15. Collide -- Beneath the Skin (pulse mix)
(Noiseplus Music,
16. Swarf -- Shadows


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"There is no conflict that rages more fiercely than that between the quest for knowledge and the fear of the unknown; only by exploring darkness can one discover the dangerous edges, and the equally perilous passions, that lie within it." -- Interbreeding: Industrial Cyberlords available on DSBP -- BLC Productions, artwork, Mick Usher.

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Side-Line Magazine

Interbreeding, the latest compilation from BLC Productions starts with a concept, the idea of exploring the darkness that lies somewhere "between the quest for knowledge and the fear of the unknown." Once you get past this and the attempted graphic depiction of an alien-human mating session, the music inside is an excellent collection of dark music from many genres. This disc covers it all from the chunky, industrial tunes by Cyph4zero and Xiphoid Process, to the trance and P-TV influenced acid house remix of a Collide tune, to the strong EBM works of the Pain Machinery and Infekktion, as well as the ethereal/DCD tinged Swarf song. Well worth picking up some of the immediate stand-outs on this include the extremely dance floor friendly Auspex remix of Diverje's "Broken," the power-noise dirge by Audio War titled "One Drug," and the strong guitar and synth work of The Sepia in "Polaris D." If you haven't already picked this up go get it now, if you already have it get ready as BLC is about to produce Interbreeding II, which will be a 2CD collection sure to live up to its predecessor. (SR: 6/7) SR.

Reviewed by SR