Various Artists - Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation
Release Date: 01/01/2003
  Various Artists
Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation (2CD)

Disc X-1 Disc X-2

1. Kubikzahl -- Mutate (alpha mutation mix)
2. Generated X-ed -- Prison Planet
3. Jerico One feat. Marc Heal-- No Blind Runner
4. Hocico -- Spit as an Offence
(Escupatijo Version)
5. The Pain Machinery -- System Error
6. Implant -- Gateway
(Diskonnekted Mix)
7. Things Outside The Skin -- Mettle III
8. Injury -- Incest
(Pulse Legion Remix)
9. Beta -- Deliverance
10. Soul Circuit -- When Time Runs Out
11. The God Project -- After
12. ESR -- My Existence
(Rebel Mix)
13. Diverje -- Deliverance
(tecnoman S.F. remix)
14. Dioxyde -- Angel
(unreleased version)
15. Type001 -- Misaligned
16. Xiphoid Process -- Mutation

1. Stark -- Exquisite Pain (lust remix)
2. Void Kampf -- Electronic Body Jesus
3. Skoyz -- Dark Energy
4. Tactical Sekt -- Forgot to be Human
5. Agonoize -- Paranoid Destruction
(Interbreeding II Mix)
6. Angel Theory -- Ease the Pain (Demo)
7. Run Level Zero -- K.A.D.O.
(blatant mix)
8. The Thessalonian Dope Gods -- Only God is Meaner
(Seventh Plague Remix)
9. Centyl -- Fifth Metacarpal
10. Severe Illusion -- Penalty
(optional mix)
11. The Pain Machinery -- Shape Shifter
12. More Machine than Man -- Why
(because remix by Syrian)
13. Croc Shop -- Hide
(v 1.3)
14. Infekktion -- Try to Believe

15. Thirteenth Exile -- Zone of Hallucinations (demo version)
16. Liquefaction -- Cascade

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Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation
Various Artists
BLC Productions

BLC Productions is on the way up. The latest in their Interbreeding series may not be on everyone's top ten chart but it should be on everyone's shopping list of dark electronic industrial. "Industrial Mutation," volume two in the series is a 2CD packed with many styles of dark electro.
With only a few recognizable names this will introduce many to the newest artists in each realm of industrial. Hocico, Tactical Sect, Diverje, Implant and Cubanate were the only names I recognized but many of the newbies also grabbed my attention. The first disc starts off very strong with a hard EBM track from Kubikzahl followed by a slow and heavy dirge by Generated X-ed with the sampled mantra "trying to put danger back in rock and roll." The main stand-outs, great for at-home or in-club thrashing of the bones, include The Pain Machinery's remix of "System Error," Run Level Zero’s “K.A.D.O. (blatant mix),” Stark’s “Exquisite Pain (lust remix),” Injury’s “Incest (Pulse Legion Remix)” which adds a touch of electro-clash sounds to its EBM foundation, Skoyz’s “Dark Energy,” Void Kampf’s “Electric Body Jesus” and Centyl’s “Fifth Metacarpal” a fine cut-up style power-noise track.
While most would work well on the dance floor there are a couple of dark almost ambient style tracks, like Liquefaction’s “Cascade” which smooth out some of the collection’s rough edges. And remember the majority of this material is exclusive or previously unreleased.

anna writes "This double cd is the 2nd in the hard driving, aggressive industrial mutation of BLC PROD.label. presenting some of the most eye catching artwork on a compilation, and a great assortment of new and unreleased tracks by underground favorites, and new bands alike...[an] amazing lineup!

Reviewed by Anna

Moving Hands (Sweden)

This is a 32-track, 2-CD, compilation of mostly more industrial electronic body music released by BLC productions as a follow up to their “Interbreeding: Industrial Cyberlords”. It holds quite high class, both musically and graphically. Deaddreamer has made the sleeve and at least the front cover looks really nice. Not many bad songs, a whole bunch of nice new acquaintances for me and a couple of more or less established acts. All in all a decent compilation that is possible to play from start to finish unlike some compilations, which I only pick a song from, and that’s that. Highlights are Injury, Dioxyde, Stark, Centyl, More Machine Than Man and of course Sweden’s own The Pain Machinery. The Stark track “Excuisite Pain (lust remix)” is truly excuisite and the first track I listened to on the compilation. For some reason I began with CD2, and I remember thinking “if the rest is this good this will blow my roof off”. Unfortunately it didn’t keep that standard, but I will certainly keep an eye out for the Stark debut album The Surgical Suite. All in all, if you’re into monotone distorted rhythms, strange sounds and heavily manipulated vocals will probably find that this compilation contains quite a few interesting songs. One question though, what is such an old song as “Spit as an offence” by Hocico doing here when everything else seems to be brand new? /Fredrik Hörström

Reviewed by Fredrik Hörström