Various Artists - Interbreeding III: Xenophobic
Release Date: 02/09/2004
  Various Artists
Interbreeding III: Xenophobic (2CD)

Disc X-1 Disc X-2

1. Allied Vision -- Coaxial Hardware (Rebandwidth remix)
2. The Pain Machinery -- Blind Faith
3. Thanacid -- To Start to Scratch Again
4. UV -- System Sabotage
5. Agonoize -- Open the Gate
(Interbreeding III Mix)
6. Disharmony -- Shadowlands
7. Stin Scatzor -- Industrogression
8. Schattenschlag -- Deine Augen
(X-fusion Remix)
9. Hioctan -- Concentration Overload
10. Thirteenth Exile -- Awake or Dead
11. Mindfluxfuneral -- Everything Dead
12. The Mercy Cage -- Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb
(Xenophobe mix)
13. Alaska Highway -- Breaking the Broken
(exclusive Interbreeding III Mix)
14. Implant -- Full Moon
15. Bio-Mechanical Degeneration -- Virus
16. The Cryptids -- The New Plague

1. Y-Luk-O -- Shallow Beliefs (2004 Regrouping)
2. Dunkelwerk -- Stahlgrab
(compact mixx)
3. Beta -- Absolution
4. The Cryptids -- The New Plague
5. Sturm Cafe -- Mr. T
6. Philosopher's Point -- Biology of Fear
7. Sturm Cafe -- In Meinem Griff
8. Brainclaw -- Insekt / Angel
(Ovipositor Mix)
9. Synaptic Defect -- Surgical Bombs
(Targets-in-Motion Remix)
10. Skoyz -- Oppression V.2
11. Void Kampf -- Body War
12. Type001 -- Made You Mine
(Forced Seduction Mix)
13. Mindless Faith -- Stars & Stripes & Satellites
(alpha mix by Dracos)
14. BLC Message -- Xenophobic
15. The Cryptids -- Open Eyes Below the Ice
16. Severe Illusion -- The Machine That Feeds
17. Xiphoid Process -- Paraldehyde
(Voluntarius Mix)
18. TERRORFAKT -- No Mercy
19. Soldier -- Sin

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Xenophobic ist der 3. Sampler der Interbreeding Reihe aus dem Hause BLC Productions. Wie schon auf den beiden Vorgängern, haben sich die Macher vorgenommen, dem Hörer neue als auch schon etablierte Bands nahe zu bringen die nicht so ganz im momentan verbreiteten Syntiepop oder Futurepop Phänomen zuhause sind. Dementsprechend düster und eher schleppend geht es auf Xenophobic zu. Interbreeding III bietet Raum für Experimente in Richtung „so noch nicht gehörtes“ oder „so schon lange nicht mehr gehörtes“ und das ist gut so. Was weiterhin positiv auffällt ist , dass der Sampler nicht darauf abzielt zu 100 % Clubtauglich zu sein, sondern versucht eine abwechslungsreiche Mischung aus ruhigem und instrumentalem bis hin

Side-Line Magazine

In no time, the US label BLC Prod. has become an impressive production line for the darkest elektro genre overseas. “Xenophobic” is already the 3rd volume of the label’s compilation series, coming out before many have already had the time to digest its second edition! The great advantage of this comp series is that you get the chance to discover a bunch of newcomer acts hailing from every corner of the planet. The evident drawback being the quality inconsistencies between newcomers making their first steps and a few established bands who act like special guests for this interbreeding event. Experiencing this 35 tracks long non stop tends to become a bit heavy on the long run I must say and that was not an easy exercise hearing both CD’s one after the other with its ups & downs. This said, I can definitely highlight the best tracks delivered by the harsh elektro act Agonoize (signed to BLC and to discover in emergency), the German dark electro of Schattenschlag, the possessed Hioctan, the hyper modern Implant, the industrial combo of Brainclaw, the power noise of Terrorfakt and Mindless Faith (although this song is far from being their best!). Amongst the nice discoveries, I will mention Thirteenth Exile, the very promising The Mercy Cage, the :W:-like Dunkelwerk, the funny DAF-clones of Sturm Café and the explosive chameleons of Philosopher’s Point. Gathered on one disc, this could have been a pretty good compilation, but the taste of quantity overruling quality makes I can only give it an average rating. A comp for hunters of new dark harsh elektro talents… (TSF:6/7) TSF
-->additional comments:
-->Posted by: mumum on Aug 13, 04 | 9:01 pm
I have to agree with Marc!! I have been listening to all kinds of synthpop and up to harsh industrial compilations. I cannot explain it but I am continually playing these BLC compilations. The more I listen the better/original they sound!! Long live this tradition and Interbreeding IV!!!!

-->Posted by: Marc on Aug 05, 04 | 11:22 am
This great compilation received an average rating - I must ask why? BLC brings out the hottest and best comps in our life time, no doubt about this! Seba (TSF), maybe you are able to name us only one compilation series which can offer the same contents in quality and quantity like this BLC comp can, can't you? Sorry, I am listening now to this music stuff for almost 16 years (!!!) and I have never heard about such a unique label which brings out such a great comp series like BLC does. On the BLC comps there are (until now...) not the biggest names like Puppy, FLA, :W:, SC or so - but nobody is missing them here!!! I am personally dissapointed by the mentioned bands when they earn too much money through great sales when changing their successful style into a poppy sound (and now take again a listen to SC "Axis of Evil" - it is Dancefloor music without any edge!!! Boring enough to play track 10 instead of track one without hearing differences!!! Is this Belgiums's best???). Think about this...

Reviewed by Fahnuir