Various Artists - Interbreeding V: Terrorland
Release Date: 04/25/2005
  Various Artists
Interbreeding V: Terrorland (CD)

  1. Fury 161 : decay of time
  2. Fake : blood & skin (Imperative Reaction Remix)
  3. Encoder : Soulcrusher
  4. Kalishnikov : Pravda (Truth is a Dream Remix)
  5. Re_agent : Never Satisfied (Krzon Remix)
  6. Pecadores : Priest (Come to Daddy Mix)
  7. HIV + : Havoc (2005)
  8. Unter Null : The End of Sleep
  9. Implant : My Gun (Skoyz Remix)
  10. Schattenschlag : One Shot
  11. Encoder : Illuminati
  12. Alien Produkt : Detestable Envy (Simulating Peace Remix)
  13. Paranormal : Under the Light
  14. Neikka RPM : Storm of Hell (Broken Seal Mix)
  15. Severe Illusion : Girl with Knife in Hand (Depressive.Disorder Remix)
  16. Jillian Ann -- Cold

Interbreeding V : Terrorland represents the fifth installment in the acclaimed Interbreeding series, now recognized for the ability to ferret out the most exciting underground performers in electro-industrial music and stand them alongside more established acts while maintaining a top-flight audio presentation. Featured on IB V are Fake, new project of esteemed artist System Syn, with a club-smash Imperative Reaction remix; German powerhitter Schattenschlag; HIV+, Unter Null, Implant, Severe Illusion and more. Interbreeding V consciously works toward a deeper electro, merging dark, graveyard-walker pieces with high bps dance numbers for a total electro experience. Interbreeding V also serves up amazing imagery, courtesies of internationally-renowned model Jillian Ann, and professional photographer Jeffery Scott aka (1019),, who teamed up to create an erotic yet brutality-tinged portfolio. Another collector's item in the Interbreeding series. Make contact!