Various Artists - Interbreeding VI - Subhuman : The Alien Agenda
Release Date: 04/25/2005
  Various Artists
Interbreeding VI - Subhuman : The Alien Agenda (CD)

Part I : Act Of Coercion
01. Pail - Society In Ruins
02. The Pain Machinery - Active Armour
03. Retractor - The March To Stalingrad
04. Pine Tree State Mind Control - Incinerator
05. Y-Luk-O - Ein Lied Von Der Freiheit
06. Brainclaw - Dead Monsters ( Remix )

Part II : Interlude In Experimentalism With Tactil Vision
07. Tactil Vision - Escala
08. Tactil Vision - Fleshtone
09. Tactil Vision - Mass Transition

Part III : Destruction by Inches
10. Synaptic Defect - Morgue
11. Battery Cage - Dead Morning ( Vers Remix )
12. Agonoize - Sexual Violation ( Dark Edit )
13. Filament 38 - Suffocate ( Interbreeding Mi )

Part IV : Benediction
14. My Villain - Man Himself
15. Para Normal - Numbers

Interbreeding VI : Subhuman represents a "companion" disc to Interbreeding V, following the more sinister musical format of harsh frequencies and terrorscapes, but as always rounded out with a fair share of clubsmashers as well. This installment in the sci-fi themed series includes artists Brainclaw, a band whose music has been routinely collected by Warner Bros. for use in its DVDs, the edgy German-American collaboration known as Y-luk-O, decaying atmospheres from Pine Tree State Mind Control, Agonoize and a full tank of surprises in this wall-to-wall collection of exclusives and exclusive remixes, many specially prepared for this compilation. As with Interbreeding V: Terrorland, Subhuman : The Alien Agenda boasts provocative imagery from model Jillian Ann,, taken in a private Los Angeles photo shoot by industrial surrealist / photographer Jeffery Scott aka (1019),, and perhaps the most compelling layout yet from Austrian graphics expert Dead Dreamer, For a compilation disc, Interbreeding VI is simply an unequalled production.


This disc is already the 6th Interbreeding-compilation from the BLC-Label. The music on this disc is as the previous editions: dark, danceable and noisy. EBM meets industrial. There are a few noise-songs on this disc. The more famous names in this genre are also represented; Battery Cage & Agonoize are both well respected bands by the audience. There are less remixes on this album than on the previous edition, Interbreeding V. The CD is organised in 4 sections. Section 1 has some hard-hitting songs. Especially the Brainclaw song (Dead Monsters) is very good. In soms songs you can recognize a guitar. The German one-man band Tactil Vision is very well represented on this disc, section 2 consist of 3 songs from this band: experimental industrial/electro. In sections 3 and 4, other songs that are worth your ears, are Suffocate by Filament 38 and Numbers by Para-Normal.

Grade: 7

Reviewed by Panzermensch

Chain DLK

Artist: VV.AA. []
Title: Interbreeding VI: Subhuman: The Alien Agenda
Format: CD
Label: BLC Productions, e-noxe []
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
This sixth release of the successful Interbreeding series is the companion disc to chapter V, “Terrorland”. Also released as a single full length CD this new part offers again a strong quality in art, this time influenced by the classic “Alien” movie themes conducted again by Wilhelm “Deaddreamer” ( As usual also the music has some nice surprises and exclusives to offer. Spain’s best act PAIL make an excellent Dark Electro opener with “Society in Ruins”, while BLC’s own THE PAIN MACHINERY return with splendid combination between Electro and Powernoise called “Active Armour”. A new full length CD by this marvelous Swedish Industrial acts called “Hostile” is already on it’s way. RETRACTOR, signed to Black Flames from Poland, give an unreleased track “The March to Stalingrad” and like the title aptly describes – so it is! Hard and uncompromising Terror-EBM for the march on the dark dancefloors. The always well productive duo BRAINCLAW return on this Interbreeding comp with a promising outlook to their next CD with a special remix of the title track “Dead Monsters”. With TACTIL VISION we have here the first time that an act can get a three-play appearance on this comp series. This one-man project combines dark Electro-influenced themes with some live experimentations – well, not my cup of tea. BLC’s own SYNAPTIC DEFECT return with a cold and almost Powernoise-like instrumental piece called “Morgue” and the Metropolis recording artist BATTERY CAGE give a special remix in their typical American-influenced Industrial style with some guitar sounds. Former BLC act AGONOIZE return with an unreleased remix of their track “Sexual Violation” which is miles better than the original version. And also FILAMENT 38 created a special Interbreeding Mix of their track “Suffocate” which follows their remarkable EBM/Electro lines. As I said, also this new and already sixth part of the Interbreeding series has a lot of goodies on board and it is worth the investigation. You have to hurry up because both Interbreeding V and VI are almost sold out and only a few are still available from the BLC website.
Review by: Marc Tater

Reviewed by marc tater