Alien Produkt - Revenge
Release Date: 03/25/2005
  Alien Produkt
Revenge (CD)

  1. Detestable Envy (HIV+ Remix - Short Vers.)
  2. Oddyssey of Fate
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Star Counterfeit Totem
  5. Detestable Envy (album)
  6. Strategies of Destruction
  7. Dark Visions (Matrix Remix)
  8. Bridge of Hate
  9. Worthless Symbolism
  10. New Concentration Camps
  11. Alien Produkt
  12. New Concentration Camps (Whispered Torture Remix by Schattenschlag)
  13. Into the Abyss
  14. Dark Visions
  15. Detestable Envy (The Crystalline Effect Remix -- Short Vers.)

Hailing from Argentina, Alien Produkt wages a hard electro assault with driving drum machines, slamming beats and fierce male vox, placing the band firmly in the ring with the likes of Hocico and Punto Omega, another recent Argentinian electro sensation that includes a former member of Alien Produkt. Alien Produkt, according to Hardbeat Propaganda, leading promotional agency in Germany, possesses "THE" sound of power electro, and Revenge unquestionably offers a major collection of floor-burners that will set club venues around the world ablaze. Accompanying Evanescence-like vocals appear on some tracks, courtesies of female band member, Loregore, adding a touch of almost industrial-goth balladry to a full-length debut album that is nothing short of ballistic.