Brainclaw - Dead Monsters
Release Date: 04/01/2006
Dead Monsters (CD)

002:DEAD MONSTERS _04:57
003:THE TRIP DOWN _03:36
004:WUPHORIUM _05:32
007:HYPOCRITIC _04:15
011:FALLEN _04:45


Chain DLK

One of the most sought-after unsigned acts finally has agreed to sign a deal with the Arkansas-based label BLC Productions to release their new studio album “Dead Monsters”. Strange is the fact that this band is already active since several years, I personally own a demo tape recording called “Pain-Selective” released in 1993 and that demo was already the third release of them. It seems they felt comfortable through the years to stay unsigned and independent – it definitively hasn’t anything to do with a lack of recognition. Reviews, support and promotion were always positive, also the movie and TV industry has already picked them up and they could add the track “When The Dark Rains Come” to take part on soundtrack for “Matrix" and "Spiderman". BRAINCLAW consists of David and Tara Giuffre, both responsible for music and vocals. Their music can be described as a detailed worked-out kind of Electro/Industrial, which isn’t afraid to integrate the use of guitars. Possible references for a comparison can be found with acts like MINDLESS FAITH or THE MERCY CAGE. The kind of Tara’s vocals offers another surprise, instead of a smooth and melodic performance, she prefers a rather energetic and FX-supported style. “Strike” – already well discovered on some comps – is the energetic and straight-forward moving opener featuring the mentioned guitars. Another remarkable track has to be named with “Feed The Machine” which satisfies the bass line addicts. Rather based on melodic synth textures they’ve created both tracks “Euphorium” and “Hypocritic” – while their best work they’ve placed to the very last position, the intense and catchy “Fallen”. A well worked out Electro/Industrial album with a rather American influence – also for BLC a welcomed development to release music besides the EBM/Dark Electro formula – while BRAINCLAW are able to deal with this styles, too. Thumbs up, good stuff!

Reviewed by Marc Tater

Kaleidoscope Magazine

Having worked themselves to the bone with their self-released debut album Insekt/Angel, David & Tara Guiffre have signed to the American BLC label for this follow-up which sees them further developing their trademark machine rock sound. This is a grittier, dirtier offering with greater use of effects & inventive production that adds an additional depth to such up-tempo numbers as ‘Strike’, which opens the album on a decidedly punchy note followed by the jaunty & instantly memorable title track while Tara does lead vocals on ‘Feed The Machine’.” (Excerpt from Review)

Reviewed by Carl Jenkinson

Side-Line Magazine

Admittedly, this writer has never been a fanatic of BLC’s roster and releases, which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate much of their ever-growing library. Brainclaw is an exception to that rule. And their newest offering, 2006’s “Dead Monsters”, is a real gem. From their own Mission Statement, Brainclaw ‘attempts to claw open the dormant brains of modern humans and encourage them to view the world in a different way’. And “Dead Monsters” does just that. Boasting steely resolve, subtle melodies and pulsating electro-beats, Brainclaw has hit a genuine home run. Standout tracks include the lead offerings, “Strike”, and “Dead Monsters”, both of which highlight Tara Giuffre’s dark and intelligent vocal stylings. And instrumental “Ultrastrukture” is just superb. Brainclaw may have just convinced me to take a long hard look at future BLC releases, not the least of which being Brainclaw’s. “Dead Monsters” is a very solid record. (DMN:7)DMN.

Reviewed by Unknown

Gothtronic Magazine

Dead Monsters is the second cd of the US dark electro outfit Brainclaw. I was not yet familiar with Brainclaw but Dead Monsters is quite a special album. The dark electro of Brainclaw is not very distorted and has futurepop electro elements and ingredients from industrial. On moments you will hear influences of VNV Nation as well as Front Line Assembly. There are influences from rock ’n roll and classic horror such as one also can hear in the music of Zombiegirl or Anders Manga. The songs do not immediately grab you, but after some listenings it in the end all falls into place and it becomes clear that Dead Monsters has some nice tracks, and the band is quite talented. The vocals are done by Tara and David together and each plays it part in different ways, which is nice. Listen for instance to ‘Strike’, ‘Feed the Machine’ or ‘Euphorium’. The synths and sequences are quite dominant in the mix. The best tracks are ‘Strike’, ‘The Trip Down’ , ‘Feed the Machine’ and especially ‘Fallen’. Also the instrumental track 'This Human Condition' is worth mentioning.

Hopefully the band manages to stand out of the crowd as there currently are many comparable but less talented electro bands around. Regarding the lyrics of ‘Strike’ the band Brainclaw is on a mission and aims for success. It would without doubt be welcomed since the band is already active for some years.

Band: Brainclaw(int)
Label: BLC Productions
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd
Grade: 7
Review by: TekNoir

Reviewed by Teknoir