Various Artists - Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence
Release Date: 06/15/2006
  Various Artists
Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence (2CD)


  1. Y-Luk-O
    Resistance (Deflektor mix by Brainclaw)
  2. Stark
    R.F.A. (Mekong)
  3. SMP
    Hacker Like Me
  4. Process of Elimination
    The Sleepers of Telos
  5. Vigilante
    The Other Side (Funker Vogt Remix)
  6. Gydja
  7. The Pain Machinery
    Scar Tissue
  8. Necrotek
    Wish You Dead (First Cut)
  9. Servo.Hatred
    Rage (Interbreeding Mix)
  10. Neon Cage Experiment
    Sequenced Lives (Edit)
  11. Mind Confusion
    The Final Chapter (Remix)
  12. Acylum
    Trip of Hate (BLC Exclusive)
  13. T.H. Industry
    Die Wut (Massiv in Mensch Remix)
  14. Omen Machine
  15. ESR
    Blood on the Walls
  16. Schattenschlag
    Sentenced to Death
  17. Brainclaw
    This Human Condition (Souls in Transit Remix)


  1. Proyecto Crisis
    El Juego de la Muerte
  2. Implant
    Fading Away
  3. Function13
    Prostitute (G-U-N Remix by MC1R)
  4. Tyske Ludder
    Betrayal (Wertstahl US Remix)
  5. Ilion Conflict
  6. Gaping Chasm
    Only Shadow will Survive (Shadows Remix)
  7. LSD
    Empty Rooms Breathe Heavily (Edit)
  8. Tamtrum
    Abort the Pope
  9. Tau Factor
    Cold Core (Mixdown)
  10. Stigmata
    No Way Out (Evil Dead Mix)
  11. Wynardtage
    My Hell (BLC Exclusive)
  12. Wertstahl
    Der Mechanische Soldat (V1.0)
  13. Invisible Asps
    Scarlet Design (Ravishing Mix)
  14. Skoyz
    Distorted Dreams (Condition Zero Mix by Schattenschlag)
  15. The Pulsar
    Leaving Underground
  16. Anders Manga
  17. The Crystalline Effect
    When the World Ends (Implant Remix)


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