Various Artists - Interbreeding IX: Kuru
Release Date: 12/14/2006
  Various Artists
Interbreeding IX: Kuru (CD)

Disc One: Necromastication

  1. Kubix -- Do It Again (Evolution Mix)
  2. Nolongerhuman -- Transcend Humanity
  3. Viscera Drip -- Demons
  4. Boundless -- Klan of Kuru
  5. Gydja -- Kuru001
  6. Xentrifuge -- The Wires Speak
  7. Derma-Tek -- Rise from the Ashes (Painbastard Remix)
  8. Wertstahl -- High Speed Death (Radio Edit)
  9. Gydja -- Kuru002
  10. Stereomotion -- Torment (Kuru:2012)
  11. Prototype -- Save Yourself
  12. Dvation -- Believe In
  13. Deadjump -- Resist (Mesmers Eyes Riot Remix)
  14. Worms of the Earth -- Earth (Theatre of War Mix)
  15. Gydja -- Kuru003
  16. Statik Sky -- Make Me Feel Better
  17. Alien Produkt -- Slave to the System
  18. Function13 -- Revolutionary Precision

Disc Two: Cannibalized

  1. Zauber -- Noise House
  2. The Panic Lift -- Remnants of a Dead Age
  3. Stark -- Wilt
  4. Gydja -- Kuru004
  5. Homicide Division -- No Tears to War (Terror Mix)
  6. Armed for War -- Holocaust
  7. Stigmata -- Hurt You
  8. Frightdoll -- Controverse
  9. Gydja -- Kuru005
  10. Cyanide Regime -- Sick from Hunger
  11. Brainclaw -- The Temporal Tide (Infantivore Remix by Brainclaw)
  12. Run Level Zero -- With One Voice (Necro Facility Remix)
  13. XP8 -- Muv Your Dolly (Swedish Erotica Mix by Mortiis)
  14. Suicide Solution feat. Lujhboia -- Suicide Solution (2K6 Mix)
  15. Asseptic Room -- Faith Without You (Suicide Solution Remix)
  16. Engelmacher -- You Will Because You Are
  17. Gydja -- Kuru006
  18. Slayv Axis -- Pulse
  19. Fix8:Sed8 -- Tranquilized (Edit)


Who's familiar with the Inter breeding cd series won't be dissapointed by listening to part 9, 'Interbreeding IX Kuru'. Again two discs with electro, rough ebm/industrial and experimental/noisy tracks.
Again it's a fine combination of all kinds of electro music and the tracks presented are all exclusive to this series.

A good compilation for those who want to get to know some new acts inbetween some familiar names like Run level zeo, XP8, Stereomotion and the Dutch band Statik Sky.
Run level Zero is featured with the Necro Facility remix of 'With one voice' which makes the band sound more rough and XP8's 'Muv your dolly' is a refreshing and more experimental version by Mortiis (Swedish erotica mix), but in fact the most interesting tracks are from bands like Boundless ('Klan of kuru'), Wertstahl ('High speed death') and Brainclaw ('The temporal tide').

Best tracks on this compilation are: Derma-Tek with a Painbastard remix of 'Rise from the ashes', which makes me curious to their debut 'Corpus technological' from this duo who manage to combine strong beats with a hard but melodic sound. Also Engelmacher leaves a good impression with 'You will because you are', the US band who debuted recently with the 8 track cd 'Birds of a feather' and has influences like Grendel, Kraftwerk. Front line assembly and Agonoize and in fact sounds like a combination of those bands. Other highlights: Alien Produkt with 'Slave to the system' and Stereomotion with 'Torment'.
A good harvest of passionate new bands.

Band: Various(int)
Label: BLC Productions
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd
Grade: 7.5
Review by: Nick

Reviewed by Nick