Various Artists - Annihilation & Seduction
Release Date: 04/01/2003
  Various Artists
Annihilation & Seduction (2CD)

Disc A:

1. Abney Park -- Holy War
2. Attic Base -- Watch Me
3. The Geminus Sect -- Faceless Race
4. Kill Switch . . .Klick -- Living in Your Hell
5. Disarray -- Voice of Reason
6. Controlled Bleeding -- Stillbirth (Darko Mix)
7. Megaherz -- Perfekte Droge
8. Anorkia -- Denial
9. Three Sixes -- God Denied
10. Infekktion -- Your Master
11. Mind Confusion -- Remains
12. Idiot Stare -- Ghost
13. Chaotica -- Ultra Violence
14. Radius Desire -- Without You
15. Absurd Minds -- Damn the Lie
16. S.E.M;I -- New Energy

Disc AA:

1. Unit 187 -- Nobody
2. Steril -- Out of Control
3. Side 3 -- Solemn (Reconstructed)
4. S.E.M;I -- Being
5. MAchinist Noise Assault -- Masking Tape
6. Frequency Construct -- Ripper
7. Patenbrigade: Wolff -- Zick Zack Fahren
8. Dust of Basement -- Turmdrehkran
9. Battery Cage -- Ecstasy
10. Haven Sole -- Scratch
11. Neikka RPM -- Bound with Sympathy
12. Run Level Zero -- For Real
13. Diverje -- Retaliate (Moon Rock)
14. Attic Base -- Inside Out
15. Ganymede -- Love Games (Club Mix)
16. Moon Rock -- Life's a Gas


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ANNIHILATION & SEDUCTION can best be described as a labor of the heart, a concerted effort to join numerous subgenres of the overall category loosely known as "alternative" music. The 2-disc set furnishes a perfect mix of musical styles that might otherwise be thought incompatible with each other but somehow these divergent styles of expression find that they fit together in a custom-made arrangement and selection of tracks never before put together. The discs include tracks from straight on, aggressive industrial music / ebm; the very best of synth-pop and the heartfelt emotionalism of those tracks; cyber-metal and hardcore industrial with rabid, unstoppable vocal fury; the rage of hard alternative music and industrial rock, that pounds against the old and crumbling conventions of our society. Even German industrial metal shows up on the CDs. And amazingly, everything works, the dynamics of one style of music feed off of and supercharge another style and the listener moves from rage to tenderness, from revenge to love, from loss and loneliness and estrangement to bloodlust and vengeance. The music of these CDs ultimately merges into one vivid, incredible experience for the listener, moving flawlessly through the complete range of emotions and physical urges / physical forces that characterize the dynamics of human existence and interaction.

The CDs themselves are presented with a certain symbolism - the annihilation part of the title represents our fascination with "end times" - the fact that our world, our continued global existence - feels so uncertain. The other half of the title, "seduction" symbolizes the ever-present human need to continue our existence, a need by which we are seduced and in turn regenerated. This element is found in the scintillating and moody presentations of both synth-pop and lower key industrial on the "Annihilation & Seduction" compilation.

This much is certain - no one can listen and remain unaffected by the music on these discs. To capture those seemingly contradictory concepts, BLC Productions has enlisted the aid of Mr. Mick Usher,, to generate unique art for the cover and booklets. Mr. Usher claims as his favorite personal statement: "If I could live today as if it were my last, it would be." To borrow from Mick's statement, "If the Annihilation & Seduction CDs could be your last purchase, they should be." This is our effort to demonstrate that the downloading of music in peer-to-peer networks can live happily with the world of commercial music. Some of the music presented can be downloaded, yes. But it can never be captured in this form, in this package of one killer track after another after another after another. The artwork alone is worth the purchase price, a collector's item; and the music is second to none, first rate, top shelf, simply a massive collection of artists. Who are the bands featured on these CDs?


· ABNEY PARK: WHILE you may think of this band as an "unknown" - it is time to get to know it! AP has shipped out over 300,000 units from its "Return to the Fire" CD - just from its website -- and its music will be appearing on the soundtrack for the hit TV show, "WitchBlade" and in the upcoming film distributed by Vista Entertainment called "Lord of the Vampires." AP has had up to 2,700 downloads per day from Its track, "Holy War" will be featured on the Annihilation & Seduction CDs.

· ATTIC BASE: PHENOMENAL is the only word to describe this electronica / synth-pop band, based in Salt Lake City and noting among its influences Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. After being noticed by a Universal Music representative, they were assigned the job of creating a song that bridges the music of the 80's and contemporary sounds and are hard at work on that project. They boast fans from California to Copenhagen, Salt Lake City to Helsinki. AB describes itself as "Acid New Wave" - and this much is true - it deserves a "genre" all its own. Two smashing tracks by Attic Base appear on the A&S compilations - "Watch Me" and "Inside Out."

· THE GEMINUS SECT: "FACELESS RACE" appears on the A&S compilations courtesy of these twin brothers whose furious industrial rock has blistered Cleveland for some time, although the brothers are making a move back to New York. They've shared a stage with Lacuna Coil and Seraphim Shock, and they're a tough act to follow - but so are all the artists on the compilation!! Their CD "GEMINATION" is available now. Check it out.

· KILL SWITCH. . .KLICK: SELF-DESCRIBED as a post-industrial electronic band and described elsewhere as "probably the best electronica band in existence," Kill Switch . . . Klick has been making music unequalled in any hemisphere for over a decade. Check out for information on this giant of the genre. Featuring "Living in Your Hell II" - an unforgettable track - on the A&S Compilation.

· DISARRAY - APPEARING courtesies of Eclipse Records, with a track that could crack the pillars of a Roman coliseum, "Voice of Reason," Disarray's sound is all the encouragement you would ever need to buy the Annihilation & Seduction CDs. Noted to have "enough power to light up Pittsburgh for a week", Disarray is rolling thunder with its new CD, "In the Face of the Enemy" which includes the "Voice of Reason" track that we have the pleasure of including on A&S!! Check out news and reviews on Disarray at

· MEGAHERZ - ALL German Music is definitely not Rammstein. Megaherz must take the crown as the most powerful German industrial metal band on the circuit today with the release of their monstrous smash CD, "Herzwerk II." It is from Herzwerk II that we have the honor of presenting, "Perfekte Droge" - powerful stuff, man. No other way to say it. The entire Herzwerk II CD is a tour de force, destined to be a masterpiece. There is simply nothing like it - and the presentation of "Perfekte Droge" is the very first USA release for this incredible band!!

From a recent review: They are on a real label, Firestarter / BMG Ariola München, and it shows. X-tian and Wenz were flown to New York to have the CD mixed by Vlado Meller at Sony Music Studios, who has previously worked with Limp Bizkit, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, Rage Against the Machine, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But don't worry, it doesn't sound like any of those bands ;-).

· CONTROLLED BLEEDING: PAUL LEMOS is a fascinating Man who has produced music for decades in the electronica / ambient / experimental genre and has generously agreed to allow us to include the track "Stillbirth (Darko Mix)" on the Annihilation & Seduction set. It is easy to run out of superlatives when trying to describe Controlled Bleeding and its contributions to the music world. One good word for this track: killer!

· ANORKIA: CYBERBIRTH is certainly a new way to begin life for a Band but this is a new age! Anorkia undeniably satisfies the heavy, dark and impassioned side of pure industrial music with the whispered teasings of its female vocalist and the raw and demanding lead male vocals of dr3w, as gentle as a jagged-edged knife, on the track "Denial" also appearing on Disc One. Anorkia is found at Definitely worth a visit. The process of this band's "cyberbirth" was recounted for me by dr3w as follows:
"The beginnings of the band were conceived in Feburary, 2002, by Fangran Hong, who back then lived in Seattle, WA. To my understanding he talked to his friend Sascha Konietzko (of KMFDM) about finding someone to collaboratewith on the project. Sascha referred him to Wojtek Krol (his artist name is KR-LIK), a longtime KMFDM fan who lives in Poland. Wojtek and I were good friends (via the internet) and I aspired to do vocals for a band, so I ended up being Anorkia's (at that time called 'Anorchia') lead vocalist. Jessica Defoe became the female vocalist shortly thereafter, and the four of us started recording from our separate locations. To make the rest of the long story short, Wojtek left the band due to personal reasons not too long after we were joined by Dirk Försterling (also known as R@ZORBLA.DE), who does all of our mixing as well as additional programming and drums now that Wojtek is not with us any longer.

The point of this is that by every definition, Anorkia was born and raised on the internet. I live in Michigan, Jess in New York, Fangran now lives in New Jersey, and Dirk does his work all the way over in Dortmund, Germany."

· THREE SIXES: DAMIEN LAVEY and his band simply tear down the walls with an industrial sledgehammer and belligerent vocal rampage that leaves you stunned and disbelieving. Probably nobody can tell you better than Damien himself. Check out, where Damien is quoted:

Three Sixes music is heavy, angry, aggressive and pure. It's one part evil, one part machine and four parts human. We provide the ultimate soundtrack to dance, murder mosh or fuck to. We're not re-inventing someone else's sound or any of that shit. We're creating our own. We are in your face, definitive and whether you like us or not, completely unforgettable because we fucking kill. Period...there, how's that?" A confident self-description of the new "Salvationless" CD, by Damien LaVey, founder of the band Three Sixes.

· INFEKKTION: DECLARATIONS of domination are particularly well-suited for this band out of Berlin, said to bring hard, vicious industrial to the scene. Infekktion, formed in 1998, appears courtesy of the Trisol Music Group (best regards to my friend, Alex, with Trisol) and gives us the track, "Your Master" - a pounding determination to show you "pain and fear." Infekktion has been aptly described as "pure energy meets cold rage." Check out Infekktion at Trisol Music Group GmbH site,

· MIND CONFUSION: MONTREAL - and the world --never had it so good J "Mind Confusion is a perspective into the dark path of a search for identity, status and balance in a sometimes meaningless existence." EBM-based but exploring the outer terrain of the industrial, synth genre, Mind Confusion is a one-of-a-kind journey into timelessness, frailty, hope, loss and chaos - and somehow takes us along for the ride. Mind Confusion opened last year for Decoded Feedback, and features the track, "Remains" including the exquisite vocals of Myriela Medusa on the Annihilation & Seduction set.

· IDIOT STARE: "GHOST (Seduction Mix)" is perhaps one of the most captivating, compelling industrial tracks ever made and will have you crashing the floor to share the "What am I, What am I?" chorus from the song. Los Angeles rocks. Idiot Stare makes sure of that.

· CHAOTICA: TURN IT LOOSE with the fearsome four from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who recently banged out their high-voltage industrial cyber-metal music as an opener for Stromkern. Chaotica honors us with the inclusion of "Ultra Violence." Their website intro tells it all: "Get ready to break your ears!" Check out for a new generation of industrial rage. Photo courtesy of Chaotica (thanks, guys)

· RADIUS DESIRE: DESIRE is the emotion that is so well captured by this captivating band in the somewhat melancholy but inescapable vocals found on the track, "Without You" by Radius Desire that is featured on A&S. The band itself, with the haunting vocals of Haven Sole and the thoughtful vision of partner Raven F., represent the culmination of literally years crossing the musical landscape among influences as diverse as Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Cabaret Voltaire and Clock DVA. The band puts its own distinct imprint on the industrial sound and the track presented will stay with you like a personal memory. Don't miss it. Check out for more info.

· ABSURD MINDS: LEGENDARY industrial dance group Absurd Minds has allowed us to include the dance floor smash, "Damn the Lie" - the track simply takes no prisoners. From a recent review:

Absurd Minds (02.12.2002)
Dresden´s Absurd Minds release their new CDS "Masterbuilder" on the 25th of November through Scanner. AM stormed the electro scene in 2001 with their fantastic album "Damn The Lie":An intoxicating mixture of top quality songwriting coupled with lush melodies, storming chorus lines and hard edged pop electro sensibilities. "Masterbuilder" their new CDS builds on their earlier promise delivering and updating that unique Absurd Minds sound in this outstanding 5 track single as a precursor to their eagerly awaited third full length album due for release in Spring 2003. Includes remixes of the title track by Plastic and Cyber Axis as well as the title track in its original album form.

· S.E.M;I - MIKAEL ORGILLON is SEMI and the music is the Man. SEMI recently came off tour with Haujobb and is one of the steadiest, most consistently high-quality industrial sounds that you can find on the scene today. Recently noted happenings with SEMI:

S.E.M;I Music Gets Featured on PC Game ´Rubble Rumble´ (11.01.2003)
New PC game out now Called " Rubble Rumble " has just been released,Featuring Music By M.Orgillon´s S.E.M;I project.You can download the complete PC game with full instructionsregarding the download and game performance.Songs include S.E.M;I´s early work from ´Wrong Dose´, ´Body Code´ &New release ´Electric Cell´ can be heard on this game.Check it out and also enjoy!Download Game Here:The Link: Band:

Mike favors us with two tracks on the Annihilation & Seduction double-
disc set, "New Energy" and "Being." BLC Productions asked Mike about the future for SEMI. His response:

"Future plans for S.e.m;i are always in the works, in fact since July of 2002 M.Orgillon had started recording for the next up and coming release titled " Among The Ruins" with an addition of the 2003 (in production) release of "Disposable Electronics" soon to be released on the Syncromesh Label (Seattle,WA) - As long as there is power to plug into, there will always be projects lined up for M.Orgillon and the S.E.M;I side projects as well......stay tuned for the future of recordings from the underdog of electronic musik S.E.M;I -M.Orgillon Jan 17,2003. "


· UNIT 187 - COLDWAVE is epitomized by the elektro-aggression of the Unit 187 team whose new site, tells us that they are this month releasing brand new material on the CD, "Capital Punishment" under the COP International label. To the continued good fortune of fans who have followed this explosive band from its days in the mid-90's to the present, the band includes a section with downloadable material from its many previous outings on its website, and Mr. John Morgan of the band has agreed to allow the inclusion of "Nobody" on our compilation - one of the most defiant coldwave / industrial tracks to ever find the air. The track remains a foundation-shaker to this day and rightly deserves a place in the industrial music hall of fame. It opens Disc One AA for us on Annihilation & Seduction.

· STERIL - CHECK OUT one of the most incredible industrial performers to blaze a trail in this genre today, BLC Productions is most honored to present a track straight from the brand-new Steril CD, "Purification" that headed straight for the top of the charts upon its release. "Purification" represents the fourth full-length release from this German band, founded 1990 in Oldenburg, and capturing a unique niche in the industrial scene. Quite simply, there is no other way to describe Steril but "Out of Control" - featured on Disc One AA - and totally on fire!!

· SIDE 3 - SOLEMN (RECONSTRUCTED) from this massive NY-based band is a never-before-released combination of the most sinister and the most driving elements of industrial music, pounding, relentless and challenging all in one package. Previously appearing with another track on a 1999 compilation with DSBP records, Side 3 has generously contributed "Solemn (Reconstructed)" for the A&S discs, a track that will be played, played and played again. The band is presently in studio recording brand-new material. Visit Side 3 at -- and grab everything you can find. Nothing compares.

S.E.M;I - JOINS US on Disc One AA with yet another brilliant electro-masterpiece. Mikael Orgillon of S.E.M;I is simply one of the most dedicated, uniquely talented and indeed, incredible, performers on the industrial scene - and Track 4, "Being", on our Disc One AA, is among the scariest, most captivating tracks since the GGFH release "Real" - every bit as dark, every bit as hypnotic. Become one of the countless fans of this "underdog" of industrial music who will steadily snarl its way to the top of every playlist. S.E.M;I represents the "cr笥 de la cr笥" and is a must-hear for every industrial music fan.

· MAchinist Noise Assault - IS BRANDON MALZAHN,, and the track he contributes to A&S Disc One AA, "Masking Tape" cannot mask the incorrigible and unyielding talent of MAchinist Noise Assault. Brandon IM'd me in the wee hours of the morning, forwarded me to the track that now finds a home on this compilation and was almost immediately a part of the A&S family. He noted in chatting with me, "I do not do ebm." MAchinist Noise Assault give us clear lines in the schematic for annihilation. Brilliant and uncompromising.

· FREQUENCY CONSTRUCT - "Ripper" from FC's demo appears as one of the highest of the highpoints on A&S Disc One AA - be afraid, be very afraid. Memorializing the ignoble exploits of none other than Jack the Ripper, Frequency Construct captures us in a steady downpour of elektro-thrusts and twists. Hailing from Florida, USA, here is yet another artist destined for greatness and accepting nothing less. A&S proudly presents this one-man, three-alarm industrial fire which will burn the initials "FC" into lasting memory. Check out Frequency Construct at It will never feel the same to walk alone after hearing Frequency Construct's amazing track recounting the misdeeds of Jack in the London fog.

· PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF: ELECTRONIC music has no face as distinct and intriguing as Wolff, the creation of Mr. Sven Wolff of the Dust of Basement, presenting "Zick Zack Fahren" on A&S Disc One AA. Visit for a preview of the utter power in Sven's music. As is true of every track on the A&S discs, Wolff will leave you wanting more. Should we say, "panting" for more?? The thrill of German electronic music is alive and well. Ich bin Berliner J

· THE DUST OF BASEMENT: ALMOST OF NECESSITY, "Turmdrehkran" from DOB's "Five Becomes Two" CD follows Wolff on A&S Disc One AA, almost in tribute to its new brother on the industrial scene. If you have lived in a cave and don't know Dust of Basement (or even if you have and want to get with the scene) visit DOB at and learn how the masters do it. Beginning as a five-person band in 1993, DOB now makes its mark as a male-female combo. The Five Becomes Two double-disc CD hit number one in July 2002 and continues to leave its indelible impression on every listener. Courtesy of Trisol Music Group and my good friend, Alex!! Vielen dank noch einmal, Alex, for this unbeatable ebm-oriented track, "Turmdrehkran" - definitely for the floor. Get on it with someone you really like!!!

· BATTERY CAGE: "ECSTASY" is an unrivaled dance floor magnum opus from the elektro-industrial powerhitters, Battery Cage, a band originating in Boston, Massachusetts and striking forward under the stewardship of multi-talented and multi-faceted Tyler Newman. You will indeed call their name in ecstasy when reveling in the body-slamming belligerence of this track, a spanking new release that upstages Battery Cage's previous "Mirror Image Enemy" - itself a dynamite number. Look for the release of "World Wide Wasteland", BC's most recent CD, and visit Tyler and company at for more info. Get on up - take a walk on the wild side.

· HAVEN SOLE - IS HALF the team of Radius Desire (featured on Disc One A - see the capsule above) and delivers another volley of pure velocity with the track, "Scratch", brimming with an intense linkage of beats that could bounce a four-wheel drive and the fluidly smooth entrancement of Haven's distinct vocal stylings. How, you may ask, does "Scratch" hook up with "Ecstasy" (see above). Hmmmmm. Think about it J Strictly star-quality.

· NEIKKA RPM - "REVOLUTIONS PER MICROSECOND" should be the meaning behind "RPM" in the case of this oh-so- talented duo of Dominique, described on her site as the "vocals and enchantment", and Richard, interestingly introduced there as "music and control." is the site for this musical coupling from New York, brought to A&S courtesies of the good people of the Alfa-Matrix label of Belgium. The unbound symphony of caressed lyrics emanating from Dominique and the irresistible insistence of underlying electroshock music from Richard are featured on the A&S track, "Bound with Sympathy." To hear is human; but to experience, divine. This one slips into some soft layer of subliminal thought and inhabits the listener - what more could you ask of any track but to have it create life within you. Chasms and complexity unfold. Magnificence, this is.

· RUN LEVEL ZERO - EQUALLY AS MESMERIZING is the cryptic assurance that "this time - it's For Real" from the gripping, darkly-caverned voice of RLZ, presented courtesies of DSBP, home of American electro-aggression, The track, "For Real" illuminates an emotional infinity, expurgates the soul, electrifies like the static shock of unexpected fingertips. Described as a Swedish duo of "ebm-charged" darkwave (see Reviews of RLZ's new "Symbol of Submission" CD at, the band takes no prisoners in the showcased track from their "In Between" CD. The track is enduring magic that strokes the underside of memory - unforgettably real.

· DIVERJE - TOMMY T of DSBP Records,, is the mind, soul and breath of this riveting band from the New Mexico badlands on its seemingly ceaseless campaign of quintessentially elektro-powered climbing from Albuquerque to altitudes that would wither lesser life-forms. Diverje continues racheting its way to the topmost reaches of the industrial world with the recent double-disc release entitled "2:40 a.m." If a CD set has ever signified a coming-of-age for a band, "2:40 a.m." is simply that - gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, pulse-shattering back-to-back tracks richly matured in an extravagant experience of electric elevations. "Retaliate (Moon Rock)" appearing on A&S is but one small segment in hours of vibrating and visceral, intricate and intense, industrial mind travel on a plushly painted scape of tripwired tracks that explode in rapid succession. "2:40 a.m." assuredly does not denote a time for sleeping but, rather, a time for wakening to the true genius of the genre. A&S is privileged to present this call to arms from BLC Productions' finest friend and mentor.

· ATTIC BASE - "INSIDE OUT" is the second A&S track from this impassioned elektro-synthpop-acidwave and genre-defying band, this time with the scornfully-scorching clear convictions of male vocals underscored by beats that glove the track in an unparalleled voice-to-music match-up. As smoothly as sunset winds in tightly uncurled sails, the track leads from a darkbeat beginning to a rhythm piloted by perfection, finding its only anchor in the listener's memory with the last note. Once more, Attic Base pushes all the buttons on A&S Disc One AA and raises the face of seduction to a different touch in its own imperative and addictively unique fashion.

· GANYMEDE - CALIFORNIA-BASED teamwork by Patrick Runkle and David Friede brings "Love Games (Club Mix)" to A&S, courtesies of their fine label, Cohaagen Music,, which itself has a gallery justly dedicated to planet Ganymede,, where updates on this combo's work can be explored. The stellar anguish of love games torn by the traditional understanding of segregated galaxies and the perils of passion-sharing beneath star-pearled skies burst to life in Patrick and David's masterful melding of searing synthpop melody and soaring vocals. "Love Games (Club Mix)" literally bursts with dancefloor fireworks. Never has pain mingled so potently and emotively with passion. Intense dynamics. Just look skyward.

· MOON ROCK -- "Life's a Gas" is a craftily-snuck-in jewel on the new Moon Rock release, "A Day Like This" from my good friends at Lunar Entertainment, The track is a retake on a T Rex classic from this amazingly versatile band described at DSBP records, as "electronic pop" and "industrial underground" but meriting front-stage in any museum of timeless music because this rendition of "Life's a Gas" can only be considered auditory fine art. It is pricelessly pure and inescapable in its embrace, with female vocals of lifting, spiraling, crystalline delicacy that pierce the heart and resonate with the cry of something needed, something lost, something that defines the fatal curves of destiny with the forlorn realization of what could have been. Here, truly, is a treasure wrapped in tears. It is, in all senses, the climax and the crowning farewell of our compilation.